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Hey everyone... New Here...

Ok, so long story short, I had to jam on my brakes, and the next time started my vehicle the ABS and RSC lights came on, then the lovely chime on the drive home.
When I went to work the next day, the lights were off. The problem there seems to be intermittent, as the lights aren't always on every time I start the vehicle.

Secondly, the other day when I was driving, I was making a right hand turn over some bumpy road, and my engine cut off, flashing a whole bunch of Warning lights on the dash, and the radio stayed on.
After coasting to the side of the road with no power steering, I turned it off, waited a second, restarted the engine, it turned over fine, lasted a few seconds and then same issue, engine cut off.
Let it sit for longer, turned it over, it stayed on, and I was able to get home.

Used my FIXD code reader, and it showed a P1000 (I had recently disconnected the battery) and a B1342.

Could these problems be interlinked?

Sorry for the long post, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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