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Hello fellow Explorer owners. I purchased a 2020 Explorer XLT with the 202A package and the tow package. I traded my 2012 GMC Acadia towards it. I was disappointed with the highway mileage of the Acadia and it had almost 100K on it. This should be my last new vehicle for a while.

I worked in the automotive industry for 31 years, including 2 car dealers and 2 tire stores. Last place I worked was Home Depot, running the Tool Rental Department.

I left work one day, and on my way home, I was involved in a 5 car accident. 4 of us were at a complete stop when a lady driving a Grand Cherokee ran into my Trailblazer at 50 mph plus. She totaled her SUV, my SUV, the Honda Odyssey in front of me, which pushed the car in front of it into a pickup that was in front of it. There may have been a 6th car that left the scene. They took my to the local hospital, which let me go with severe whiplash and what with they told me was a torn tendon in my left ankle. After 3 rounds of therapy, and 5 doctors, they determined the ankle had been broken, and a year later they tried to repair it. Well I'm back to 85% use of the ankle, it could have been worse. So know the hospital's reputation before they cart you in!
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