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Bad Control Arm?

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Hey /forum/

I just picked up a 2003 ford explorer, and low and behold I took a turn too fast and bumped my wheels into the curb going about 30km/h

Impact occurred mainly at the front left wheel, some at the rear left. Impact was strong enough to shear the outer lip of the rim on each tire (just to clarify: tires did not blow out) and they'll definitely need replacing

My concern is the front left wheel. It is slightly bent outward (driver wheel facing slightly left, right tire facing straight). Just a slight turn outwards, no vertical deformity. Inspecting suspension, nothing seemed out of place comparing it to the other side. I can't jack it up yet, I don't own a garage, and obviously this situation will develop based on what I find after I do.

Anyways, worst case I'm thinking I'll need to buy and replace the whole control arm, but is it possible that it simply needs to be realigned? Any tips or advice appreciated. Obviously there's only so much to say without pictures/raising up the front end
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Possibly bent tie rod ends or damaged either control arm/ball joints

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