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Is it common practice for the dealer to do a Full diagnostic to check a battery? They charged $170 to tell me I had a bad cell in the battery. My car had a dead battery two mornings in a row. The car repeatedly kept trying to start even though I stopped trying to start it. I have push button start. Auto zone checked it said no issues with battery or alternator. He said must be electrical. I did an investigation on my own and found public record a of TSBs from manufacture to dealers of a recall where the IPC keeps going after the car is shut off and runs the battery down. The mechanics at the dealer were rude and dismissive to me as soon as I mentioned Auto zone. Even laughed. I never got an answer if the recall was done on my car. I spent 4 hours waiting for them to tell me it was my battery (it takes a long time to find a bad cell they said) and replace the battery. $340 later. Are the mechanics just rude or are they rude and overcharging me? Does a car really need a full diagnostic to find a bad battery cell?
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