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Changing signal light bulb 2011 explorer xlt

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Looking for feedback on this. My left drivers signal light was blinking rapidly and I knew I had a bulb out. I was taking vehicle in to Ford to have new tires put on so, instead of looking into doing it myself figured I'd grit Ford to replace this for me while it was in, for what I thought would be a few dollars. I was shocked when they charged me $235 as they said they had to drop front bumper to do this. When they saw my disgust they chopped $100 off the bill so it ended up being $135. I got home and my wife said she had the other side done a few months back at a quick-lube place. I googled and found a you-tube video that shows it being done from under the hood. Has anyone else had similar experience with a Ford shop - not sure if they were following the Ford directions for changing a signal bulb or am I simply paying for an error by the service tech? Thanks for any responses.
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