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CO2 in the drivers area. Police cars being investigated

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I have a Ford Explorer Sport 2016. This may sound crazy, but whenever I drive somewhere I start yawning. I think that may be a sign of CO2 poisoning, or just tired of driving. I am perfectly fine until I get in my Explorer. I know there are issues with the Police Explorers being investigated. What about regular people? Does anyone have this problem? Thinking of buying a CO2 detector... Ideas??? :confused:
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Maybe your local fd can help. If they have a multi gas meter. I'd say driving with a CO detector is ok, but if there is a problem testing for it while driving may not be smart. Set up with them. Drive over and have them stick the meter in immediately. You'll know quickly if there is an issue.

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I think I might need to install CO2 detector on mine, battery powered.

Try to see if you feel better with windows open. I only get burned smell while parked.
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