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Contact points to lift 2014 Ford Explorer

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I was about to lift my 2104 Explorer using my 2 post lift to change oil for first time. However, I couldn't really determine where the lift contact points were on the undercarriage. Anybody done this?
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A two post lift, if it's the one made for a solid rear axle shouldn't be used. I use a side by side above ground lift. The lifting points are actually torque boxes at the corners behind the front wheels and ahead of the rear wheels. More or less, they are basically the same places for all unit body vehicles. Since the rear on the Explorer uses independent rear suspension, a solid rear lift can cause major damage, I would avoid using it. Years ago we lifted independent rear suspension cars with a three foot section of 4X4 lumber, but that was taking a chance bending the exhaust system along with other components. If you notice, most dealership service departments use above ground side by side lifts. This is the reason that they use this type of lift. Just make sure you are inboard of the rocker panels. I hope this thread helps...
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