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From CP-Carillo
The connecting rods would be a Pro-H profile made from a fully machined 4330M steel forging. The rods would use a silicone bronze bushing for a full floating wrist pin. We will offer this with our standard H11 tool steel WMC fasteners or our top of the line CARR MP35 multiphase fasteners.

The pistons will be machined from a 2618 alloy forging and feature standard options such as double pin, oilers, an accumulator groove, and a CP groove. They will include ourstandard 51 series steel wrist pins, Sure Loxs, and premium metric ring pack that has a steel gas nitride top ring, taper hook groove second ring, and soft nitride rails low tension oil control rings.
I sent them a factory rod and piston to replicate a few weeks back, they've finished engineering. The pistons will be the original bore size but .030 over will be available to order if need be!

Pricing is still being worked on but I will put up list prices as soon as I know them.
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