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Does this battery need to be replaced?

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Hi all,
I am a proud new owner of a lightly used 2016 Explorer Sport with 33k miles. I've had it for a week and noticed that battery acid corrosion (I think) is developing on the battery clamp (opposite side of battery terminals). Strangely, the battery terminal are clean. I took it into the Ford Dealership today and they claim that their battery tester (really a fancy volt meter) checks out OK (i.e. they won't replace under warranty). What are your thoughts? Is this normal for Explorers as they claim? I don't know why it would be normal for Explorers but not normal for other cars, unless it is a defect. If it is normal and expected, can someone explain why?

In the end, if it not normal, I will change the battery regardless as I prefer not to prematurely corrode my engine bay.

Thanks for the help...

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I may be just a shade tree mechanic, but It does seem a bit premature though. Honestly, I would clean off the corrosion with a paste of baking soda and water. Then, I would make sure it's good and drying before I put on some Dielectric grease. If the battery tests well, there's no real point in replacing it, if it is the metal going on to the battery terminal post that is causing the corrosion.

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