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Creating a new post since I haven't seen very much about this topic.

Took my 16 Ex XLT (3.5 NA, 60k miles) in to the local dealer for an oil change last week and asked them to check out a ticking noise I had been noticing. The past few months, whenever in a drive thru or close to a wall with the driver window open, I could hear a ticking noise coming from the engine. The tick would speed up and slow down with the engine speed.

Anyways, took them one week to diagnose after the tech had to work with the "technical support hotline". They're saying it's the cam phasers. Currently waiting to see if it's covered by the powertrain warranty (I purchased from a Ford dealer as CPO). Really hoping it will be covered, especially since it doesn't sound like a very simple job. I saw some chatter on the Raptor forum for similar issues, but haven't seen much for our NA 3.5 engines having this problem. I change the oil or have it done every 5k miles (since purchased at 32k) and am pretty particular about maintaining my vehicles, so not too sure what could've caused this.

Anyone else have any experience with this? Any hope about this being covered under warranty? 😅
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