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Explorer 1995 VIN number

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Good morning everyone!

My issue is my father owns a Ford Explorer built in 1995 and he can't seem to find the VIN number.

This was pointed out to him by the technician, when performing the annual technical checkup here in our city. He specified the VIN number cannot be found.

Can you please help me with some information as how to find this number?

Thank you all in advance.
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Did you double check the Drivers and Passenger side doors? Perhaps it can be found on the computer module? Doing a quick google it says it may be on the slam panel. Try these and get back to us!
I don't understand, should be in the standard spot, on a plaque under the windshield on the bottom, (driver's side?). You see it from outside the vehicle. There isn't really any good reason why that plaque would not be there, unless the vehicle was stolen and someone removed it for that reason prior to resale.

It should also be on the vehicle registration/title, which your father should have if he owns it, unless of course it was stolen and a false VIN was used. Granted having it on the registration may not be enough to satisfy a tech inspector as they need to document that this specific vehicle has that VIN #.

It should also be on the sticker on the end of the driver's door or the adjacent door latch panel, but sometimes those wear away.
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