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So I just purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer 3.7L AWD police package 130,366 miles. Drives great not many issues other than some cosmetic ones.... anyways I purchased it on 09/04/2020 and I signed all the paper work I paid cash and got everything done I get out to it mind you I test drove it for a hour and really got into it to make sure it was a good vehicle and checked everything for leaks and trans slippage or anything like that and when I got out to it after purchasing it ABS, trac control came on.... so I plugged my code reader in it’s about $300 can do everything and then some so I’m getting a bunch of codes but wait there’s more it randomly comes on and off so I’m not sure what is even going on here to be honest.... I have a few pics of the codes and then the check engine came on so I called the guy he said he didn’t clear it before I purchased or anything like that.... I find it hard to believe but anyways I’m stuck with it and need to fix it I may be taking the guy to court because he will not do anything to help me even after I just put 11.5k in his pockets freaking ridiculous but anyways here’s the pics... also don’t forget this happens randomly and also happened when I plugged my scanner in

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