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Flex Fuel Conversion

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Good day all, currently we’re doing research to convert gasoline only vehicles to flex fuel capable vehicles with only software updates. We are in the process of expanding our test fleet into Ford vehicles specifically 3.5/3.7L Duratec V6. We are located in Denver, Colorado. Please visit Fuelverine | SHOWING YOU HOW TO MAKE A FUEL CHOICE to get a better idea of what we’re doing.
We are asking for any help from the local community who are willing to stop by our shop and let us read off your vehicles ECU information using SCT or HPTuners (no changes are made to the car during this procedure).
We are also looking for any software engineers or hackers who may be able to help us out with any 2013+ Duratec ECU .A2L and binary files regardless of model or engine size.
Thanks everyone, have a great day.
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