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I have Ford Explorer 2010 XLT 4.0 Litre V6 4WD. Recently my car developed a fault wherein it would completely shutdown on low speeds and would jerk while on low gears specially on reversing. This happens after few minutes of slow drive not on high speed. Couple of time specially taking right turns @ 30Km/hr approx the car completely switched off with steering lock , yet when i close ignition and open again the car would start and drive normally. I recently checked the ford center in Dubai UAE and they said that i need to replace PCW/Engine controller. However they dont have the part anywhere here. The Car still runs ok ish. Ford says that the part no is 9L2712A650FDRM matching my vehicle which is out of stock. Please advise what i can do and if needed where i can find this part.
Please help as i need the car to be working ASAP.

Chassis/VIN # is 1FMEU7DE7AUB12616
Ford Explorer 2010 XLT V6 4.0lt
6 Cyl 4.0L SOHC EFI; 5-Speed Automatic Transmission 5R55S; Four-Wheel Drive (Part Time); Regular Wagon


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