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Despite multiple airbags and clever driver-assist systems found in your Ford Explorer, its brakes remain your key safety feature. They can become the difference between bad and good driving experiences and even save your life in the event of an emergency on the road. Since the efficiency of your brake system largely depends on the quality of your brake pads, it is vital to have the best ones installed on your SUV. But what brake pads for Ford Explorer are best for your application? Read this short guide to find the answer.

What are the options?
Organic brake pads
The first organic (asbestos) brake pads were invented over a century ago and since that time have evolved into non-asbestos organic brake pads found on many of today’s vehicles. Made of rubber, carbon, and some other materials, organic brake pads produce a moderate amount of friction without generating a huge amount of heat and putting a lot of stress on brake rotors, which makes them perfect for everyday commuting. At the same time, they produce more dust than other brake pads and, therefore, tend to wear faster, but, taking into account their low cost, they are still a very affordable solution.
Ceramic brake pads
You can compare ceramic brake pads to ceramic plates or cups in your kitchen as they are manufactured of almost the same materials but with adding copper fibers for better heat conductivity. Altogether, these make ceramic brake pads more efficient, especially under high temperatures, compared to organic counterparts, but also put more stress on the rotors.
Semi-metallic brake pads
Semi-metallic brake pads, or simply metallic pads as they are often called, are a blend of metals and special fillers, for example, graphite lubricant. As a general rule, they are up to 70% made of metals, which leads to unsurpassed heat conductivity and makes them stand out from the competition with unbeatable performance. At the same time, they are noisy and more aggressive to brake rotors than other brake pads.
Which brake pads do I need?
Everything depends on your driving style and your average driving conditions. If everyday commuting takes the lion’s share of your driving experience, go with non-asbestos organic brake pads. If you’re one of the drivers with high-octane fuel running through their veins, ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads are just what the doctor ordered. But, whichever brake pads you require, at Truck and Gear, we have you covered with top-quality products at market-best prices. You’ll be surprised both with the low cost of Ford Explorer brake pads we offer and the high level of services we provide.
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