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Whether you’re looking to protect your factory seat upholstery or add a luxury accent to your seats, leather seat covers will do the job. They are stylish, durable, and easy to clean, providing plenty of benefits over fabric seat covers. However, not all leather seat covers are equal. We recommend you to read this guide to find out more about leather seat cover types and their main differences.

Common options
1. Genuine Leather Seat Covers
Nothing can beat the feeling of driving a vehicle with genuine leather seats or seat covers. Pure leather not only looks and smells great but also provides a luxurious feel and comfort you can’t help but like. It is nice to touch, waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean, as well as ensures unsurpassed long-lasting seat protection. The only downside of genuine leather is its high cost, but you should agree that a luxury product can’t cost low.
2. Leatherette seat covers
Faux leather seat covers are a great option to give your interior a luxury feel without the high price of natural leather. High-quality leatherette seat covers provide a leather-like appearance together with other qualities you’d expect to get with genuine leather. Moreover, today’s technology allows manufacturers to mimic the look of a diamond pattern and perforated leather, giving you an almost original look.
Are all leather seat covers custom-made?
Most likely, you’ll not be able to find any universal fit leather seat covers for Ford Explorer for a couple of reasons. First, no premium product can be associated with poor fit as nobody would like to pay five hundred dollars for a pair of covers and then find them fitting badly. Second, genuine leather is hard to stretch, which means you simply can’t create a form that would fit different seats properly.
Where can I buy high-quality leather seat covers for my Explorer?
Visit Truck and Gear to discover a world of high-quality leatherette and genuine leather seat covers for Ford Explorer at competitive prices. We deal with the most reputed brands and manufacturers to give you the ultimate quality at the market-best price.
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