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Forscan Spreadsheet codes

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Does anyone here use Forscan?
Does anyone have or know of a computer code spreadsheet for a 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 4.6L AWD?
I have the as-built codes from Ford, but there is no listing of what each module controls.
I am trying to disable my internal TPMS sensor as it no longer reads the tire sensors and keeps giving me that annoying sensor fault light.
I have an external TPMS unit the is much better and reads out the pressure and temperature all the time (yes, the error started before I installed the external unit).
On later models, there is a simple enable/disable option in the GEM-SJB line, but in 2008, you have to modify an individual module code in either the GEM as-built or the IC as-built module.
None of the ones on the Forscan forum is anything like the one on my vehicle.
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I've used Forscan many a time on my Focus ST but I have not tried it on the wifes explorer yet. Though hers a 17' Sport. I would look into other models of Ford that are more popular, like the F-150. You might find more answers there.
SCCM Module is not present on the forscan for my 2017 Sport, I wanted to increase the turn signal flashes.
is there any other way to do this? thanks
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