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Hello to all. I have a 1996 ford explorer Eddie Bauer V.6 auto tranny 4X4. i have the dreaded whaling and groaning coming from the front end. this has been going on a while now and it seems it is getting worse. I have changed everything ( upper and lower control arms and ball joints, left and right wheel bearing hubs, had the tranny and transfer case rebuilt) and I still have the noise. I crawled under the car and couldn't see anything visually bad, except when i grab the axles that go from the diff pumpkin to the wheels, they can be shaken, up and down and in and out a little bit. my question is, is this normal? could these half shafts be the cause of my noise ? I put these axles in about a year ago just because i didn't know the condition of them when i bought the car. but maybe they are bad ? so, if anyone knows if the half shaft axles move a little or not please let me know, also, is it ok to remove the axles completly and drive around like that until i can get new ones ? I know i won't have 4 wheel drive but i never use it anyway. and thank you in advance for your input on my problem
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