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Has anyone installed Diablo t1000 tuner on 13 explorer sport??

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I have attempted to install 91 octane performance tune on my 13 Sport. Every time I have attempted, the motor runs with rough idle then stalls. I am quite new to these forums, but figured I would see if anyone else has had success with this particular tuner.
I have already sent a request to Diablosports as well. I have tried to install the tune 3 times now with same result.

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This is a few years late to reply, but I had this same issue. What I was doing wrong was starting the engine.
Never touch the brake during install.
When it says turn off car you have to tap the button to turn car off, open a door, wait about 10 seconds. When it says turn on, click the button twice. (Remember no brake).

This was on a 2015 sport but same issue
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