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3 days ago: My 1998 Explorer XLT (5L engine), Amy, was overheating so I took a look under the hood. The heater control valve (passenger side/top of the firewall) was broken so I replaced it. Question: I notice that the valve has an arrow on it. Should that arrow be pointing toward the radiator? (I believe that was the direction the arrow was pointing on the broken valve.)

2 days ago: I took her for a short to see what the temperature gauge would do. When I started off I had a horrible tappet (?) noise , but I kept going anyway: my 1st DUMB decision. As I drove, the temp went higher. And higher. And HIGHER. I should have just pulled to the side of road to let her cool down, but I was stupid--again--and just wanted to get her home. My 2nd DUMB decision. :(

Today: Have taken Amy for two short rides. The "tappet" noise is gone and she runs fine except for the overheating problem, thank The Supreme Being.
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