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I currently have a 2014 Ford Escape 2 liter turbo as my daily driver and need a bigger vehicle. I am on the fence to be honest between the Edge ST and the explorer Sport or now I guess is the Explorer ST. I test drove a 2018 Explorer Sport and although I could feel the weight in the turns and from a punch from 40 to 70 I was very impressed with the ride, comfort, and on the back road with the salesman I came to a complete stop and punched it and was equally impressed that from a dig it got up and moved. I am a performance type of guy so I like to have some get up and go in my daily ride but I know a SUV or at least what I can afford isn't going to be a rocket but I don't need it for that I have other vehicles for speed. Joining this group so I can read and learn about the explorer. I have owned 15 plus Fords in my day and currently have the escape as I mentioned and a 07 GT500, but never an explorer so I know nothing about them except I see a ton of them on the road and our local police uses them. Looking forward to being a member here.


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