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I'm new to the Ford Explorer Forum, but not new to the Ford Explorer. I owned a '91 2WD that I bought off a guy that won it for being the salesman with the highest sales. He said he didn't want it because he already owned an Izuzu Trooper. :) I traded it in '94 for a brand new Explorer that I still own. It's got 130K miles and has been mostly garage-kept. Of course with that mileage on it, it hasn't been my daily driver. We just use it for trips and when the weather is crappy. I've got a few issues with it that I need to address so that is why I joined the forum. I special ordered it with 4WD and a 5-speed manual transmission. It also has a limited-slip rear end. I look forward to seeing what you've got here on the forum. I'm an aircraft mechanic for AA and I do all of my own vehicle maintenance so hopefully, I'll be able to find some valuable info on how to deal with the few things I've got to fix.

aka Bob
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