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I'm in public safety and am issued a 2017 explorer since it was delivered. I'm having an insidious problem and seeing no sign, so far, on the internets that this is a known issue.

Because of my job, I frequently get out of the car and leave it running. With increasing frequency, the car is locking itself with the keys in it and engine running!

I can try to force this to happen by pressing the lock button. The horn beeps twice and the doors immediately unlock.

This is a mostly no-frills trim line so there is no Sync system that would have any options to lock the car.

Just thought I'd run this up the flagpole. Trying to educate myself before I take it to the dealership. This is a bug that is a real pain!

By the way, my wife also drives a 2017 Explorer and this is our third Ford in a row (We've had two Edges). I like the roomy cabin and the car's performance.
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