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Hi-I'm not sure if this is the proper location for a brief introductory statement but here it goes. After owning a 1986 Ranger for 34 years I finally opted to sell it and move on. My brother found a 1999 Eddie Bauer that he bought for me. It's in just great condition and rides like a dream, at least in comparison to my old Ranger. There's a bit of a learning curve as I actually no longer have to manually roll up windows, etc..
I live in Northern California and am looking forward to taking the Explorer for camping and fishing trips, primarily in the remote areas of the Sierra. I'm not sure that I'll be able to contribute much to the forum but will have, in all likelihood many questions. I'll start off with one concerning the valve train. It's a little noisy, not much-just a little and wondered if that's common with Explorers and also if there's an additive that honestly helps quiet the lifters a bit. Can't ask my brother as he's very opposed to additives but I was hoping that someone here might have a suggestion.
Thanks for having me!
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