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Introducing, LP fogs for the New Gen Explorers!

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Greetings Explorer Peers!

It's becoming quite clear that LED and LASER technology are the way of the future for automotive lighting. HID's are still the go-to for best bang for your buck lighting performance and even come stock in many high end vehicles, however- they're soon to be outdated as times progress. HIDs are extremely bright and are much more efficient than halogens, unfortunately cheap aftermarket, mass-manufactured setups that are imported overseas at low cost give them a bad rep. The best HIDs go for at least $175, even with this mid-grade pricing, sometimes- though very rare, they do have a chance of failure- whether it is the HID Bulb, Ballast, or possibly even the harness.

When building these, I wanted something that was a quick replacement, a true plug and play. I also wanted them to be extremely efficient- low power draw and prevent heat-soak which would mean power loss overall. I did not want to have to deal with placing the ballast in a strategic position and worry about if it would hang/fall from a non-secure position. With this in mind, I came up with a TRUE LED foglight setup that was an easy swap and play setup!

Low current draw with an opposing High Lumen Output
LED reliability
Completely waterproof
Extremely Bright

Power: 9 Watts
Current Draw: 0.7 Amps
Color rating: 4500K

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These bulbs are a Cree bulb or SMD.
They are far more superior to the HID lights people are buying in the aftermarket stores.
Cree bulbs WILL eventually take over the market and be a lot cheaper than the HID (real) kits available.
The new 5630 LED is the brightest on the market right now ranging from 1W to over 144W bulbs.
These are quite impressive and if you can find a good brand like sencart, HML, Samsung or point purple you will be pleased.
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