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Very recently I happened across a 2009 Ford Explorer XLT, from a fellow that I knew, and who had it up for sale. It has 150K miles on it, but the body is solid, rust free, and he said he would let me have it for $5700 ($500 down, and $250 per month until the agreed upon price has been satisfied). This sounded real good to me, seeing that I would ONLY be held to $5700 - and not the associated interest/finance charges that would have resulted, had I dealt with a dealership. I used to own a Ford Expeditipon, and always wanted another SUV. I think that this Explorer might be a good purchase, but I have a couple of concerns.

1). There is a clicking noise when the air conditioner is running. That didn't happen in my, former, Expedition.

2). Even with a brand new battery installed, there's a red, battery indication showing in the dash's monitoring window.

3). The steering wheel feels like the type of the earlier sort, before power steering was invented. It is VERY resistant, and would be uncomfortable to navigate that vehicle in such a manner. There is no evidence of leakage, beneath the truck, so I don't know WHAT'S going on with that.

Hopefully, these issues are nowhere near as serious as I am thinking they COULD be, and any information - extended to me - would be extremely helpful.

Advanced thanks,

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