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I just joined and glad to see there's a forum for Explorers --
we bought our SPORT new in 2015, and it's been a great vehicle.

I am needing to replace the rear hatch actuator, and I received the new one this afternoon.

I thought it would be easy to "unplug, and replug" but it may be turning out to be a torturous job.

I am Looking for any experts that may know of a shortcut to do this job.

BTW, original still works, but will not close completely --
goes down 98% then binds and reopens fully. I think I stripped the motor awhile back (trying to keep it from hitting the garage door) so a new one should fix it, BUT I had no idea this is MAY NOT BE AN easy fix.

There's one You Tube video on this, where the guy takes the car apart, but it is really painful to watch: BUT he's the only one addressed this that I can find on the internet.

Any help is appreciated.
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