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High everyone. I purchased a new 2018 Explorer Platinum last week and very impressed with it so far. I had a lease on a BMW coming due in July and was deciding on a new X3 M40i, X5, Jeep GC, F-Pace and a Raptor (at first). I narrowed it down to the X3 M40i a few weeks ago and visited my BMW salesperson only to be told there was no incentives and they might be able to discount “ a little bit”. The salesperson was “keeping a watch out for those incentives” after I told him I was ready to buy now or with 60 days if I get what I want. Out the door I went....he was not listening to me.
That night, I saw a commercial for an Explorer Platinum. That commercial peaked my interest. I visited the Ford website and “pimped” one out with everything to get the high price point. I was shocked with an MSRP of under $60K. I rebuilt with what I wanted to get an MSRP of $56k.

I visited my local Ford dealer the next day to see a Platinum Explorer. They had zero. I asked if one will be coming in on order as I ready to buy now or within a couple months....blah, blah, blah”. He asked me to come back in a few weeks so we can discuss it. I asked if he will have one in a few weeks” He said “no, but he can build what I want”. Was I not clear in my buying signal? Out the door I went.

I visited the Ford dealer I bought my Shelby GT500 (still have) from and told them what I want. Same story....blah, blah, blah. The salesperson actually listened and located the Explorer Platinum ( Magnetic Color) in Indianapolis. Current Ford incentives and X-Plan ( I forgot I had the X-Plan) made the Explorer just under $50k and out the door at $53k. Mind you this was about about $13k less than the M40i AND I get a ton more items not on the BMW.

Sold...please go get my SUV. Very happy!

I decided, after the sale, to add running boards. Tasca Ford has the lowest price at at $381.00 (SR $495). However the shipping was coming in at a ridiculous $151. I called them out by email about the shipping since everyone else seems to be in the $40-$41 range. They did respond requesting my VIN to verify the part number and shipping. I was quoted $1182.00 (HB5Z-16450-A) for the running boards. WTF? I emailed the salesperson back to ask if she was sure on that price when everyone else is no more than $495.
I noticed the part # she gave me ends in A whereas everyone else ends in AB. Any one know what the difference is and where she got this part number?

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