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Hello All -
New to the site here.
Got a fairly specific question; hoping for help.

Wife and I are seriously looking at getting a brand new 2019 Explorer. The "base" models does not come with the keyless entry keypad on the door, but the upper models (XLT on up) do.

Has anyone tried to purchase the correct part(s) and do a driveway DIY upgrade? If so, is there a thread here that details the upgrade?

I have done this on my 2018 F250 XL; all I had to do was purchase the little keypad, install it on the door, and it plugged into an existing wire harness in my driver's door. Then I programmed ForScan to update the BdyCM and IPC modules to enable the function. Worked perferctly.

I realize that there is a wireless keypad available from Ford; I don't want that little stick-on keypad. I want a hard-wired keypad.

I also realize that the keypad on the Explorers is "smooth" glass design; in a sense like a touchscreen. The keypad on the F-series trucks is truly a pad with 5 different buttons. I doubt the button style would work on the Explorers, but who knows ????? I'd prefer it to be as "stock" as possible, so I'm edging towards the touchscreen style.

I am wanting to know if anyone here has successfully installed the smooth keyless entry keypad on a "base" Explorer, and if so, what steps were needed and what ForScan code lines were changed?

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