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2016 Explorer XLT 3.5 with 103k
New tires brakes rotors pads.

Hi everyone,

I'm dealing with a 'small-medium' shake through out the car between 60 and 70mph. It started a few thousand miles ago when I would get violent shakes when braking from highway speeds. That was resolved when they found a seized caliper and replaced it and the rest of the brakes. But the shakes at 60-70 lingered. Getting balanced alignment and rotated helped a lot but it wasn't completely fixed.

Now it's getting annoying and I'd love to be back to a smooth ride at any speed.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I also wondered how many have followed through on the maintenance replacement suggestion for new shocks/struts at around 100k... I understand they can contribute to shakes when they wear out.

Any questions please ask!
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