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I have a 2022 explorer XLT, no sunroof/moon roof. A couple months ago I noticed condensation inside my explorer on the windshield and windows. I scheduled an appointment with ford and while waiting it was so bad that it would drip down the windows on the inside. They were shocked by the amount of condensation and quickly found the middle row carpet was soaking wet under the Ford rubber floor mats. They said they took it apart inside and water tested it looking for leaks and didn't find anything, maybe some weather stripping that needed adjusting so they did that. About a week after getting the explorer back the condensation started again. The passenger side middle and third row carpet is soaking wet again. (We did have a heavy rain this week.) I used a carpet cleaner to soak up water and got 3/4 a cup before I ran out of patients and daylight to do any more. Does anyone have an ideas where this may be coming from? Its a brand new car that I special ordered and waited forever to get so this is getting extremally frustrating. This week will be their second attempt at fixing it, but I don't want to take it back from them until I know its done.
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