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My 2014 Explorer stopped making any boost, and my wife took it to the dealer without asking. They printed out a long list of problems, but said I needed a new turbo from a code p0234. This was 3000 dollars.

I replaced the turbo, assuming Ford diagnosed the problem (my mistake), and the symptoms are the same. Absolutely no turbo boost past 0 psi, and a code thrown for over pressure.

I have ordered a turbo solenoid switch, as this has come up, but am wondering what a certain part is.

There is an electrical connection that slips onto a long 8mm bolt on the plate that is attached to the turbo, with a hose and some wires coming off it. What is this part and what does it do. I would like to order this as well as the solenoid in case replacing the turbo solenoid is not the issue.

Any help appreciated.
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