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New 21 XLT with some odd noises...

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We recently upgraded our 2013 with 161K to a 21 XLT with 15K. While i understand i can take this to the dealer for investigation i like being able to fix things myself. Ive noticed a couple annoying noises that i hope other members have dealt with and corrected.

#1 wind/whisle noise above 30 mph coming from the passenger side. ive looked at all the seals and see no issues. Should i start randomlying taping up gaps unitl i find the source?

#2 High pitch rattle/squeak coming from the driver side rear quarter panel area. seems to be shoulder level in between the rear door and rear window. worse on bumpy roads. i was able to pull the panel away and look in but saw nothing obvious.

Appreciate any help offered.
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I've heard of others with the wind noise. I do not have that. I have a 21 also that I bought new and have about 17,000 miles on it now so we are about the same. I do have a rattle that I cannot figure out from the rear. It is not high pitched, just a vibration rattle. I thought it was the headrests but when I removed them it was still there. Sorry I cannot help and good luck with your new Explorer. Other than a couple of rattles I am very happy with mine and enjoy it everytime I drive it. The 2.3 is a great engine and underrated in my opinion. Its the best in class.
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