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So, I must've posted this in the wrong section. I'll try again. My 2005 Explorer failed it's NYSI due to a P1000 code I didn't know it had. It did do a brief CEL flash, 1 quick flash when it briefly, and I mean briefly, misfired under hard acceleration. I checked for codes, saw the misfired one, cleared it. Drove the vehicle for a day of errands, went the following day for the inspection, and it failed for P1000. A week later, after trying the various "Drive Cycles" found on the web, still have the code. BUT, no CEL, and no other codes show up, just the P1000.
Any help here?
(BTW I use a "Blue Driver" Code Reader. It's a wonderful tool! Tells you the Code, what it means, the top 5 fixes, and where to find the necessary parts!! If you don't use one, get one!)
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