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Will be taking delivery of a new 2015 sport this week. Trading in my venerable 2006 Trailblazer SS, which is still a hoot to drive, but getting a tad 'long in the tooth,' and doesn't have some of the more modern interior amenities. The local Ford dealer managed to find one at a dealership near Chicago with a black exterior, sienna interior, and 2nd row console/dual buckets. My TBSS averages a little over 15mpg with the LS2 V8, so I'm hoping I can do at least as well, or better, with the sport. The sticker says it can, but real world driving sometimes says differently. The sport with the twin turbo and 6 speed transmission is about a tenth of a second different than the TBSS 0-60, but a whole lot more smooth getting there. I don't know if the sport top speed is governed or not (will have to research that)? The stock TBSS was governed at 130.

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