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Hello all,
I just found the forum through Google and I have to say, after a short trudge through some of the other Explorer forums, I am relieved to find a forum that caters specifically to the 5th Gen. I just purchased a 30k mile certified 2013 Explorer Limited in White Platinum with the 401a package and so far I am loving it. My wife has even taken it upon herself to nickname her "Dora" (I know, too cliche, right?). Since I am not the kind of person to let sleeping dogs lie, I am eager to start making some mods that will further enhance my enjoyment. I am a converted Toyota owner and am not yet quite familiar with Ford nuances, so if anyone has any suggestions as to where I should start, I am totally open. My initial plans are to add the second row console between the bucket seats, replace the horrible generic (and dangerous) floormats that it looks the dealership dug out of a closet, add the Explorer Sport hood letters as a consolation to myself that I couldn't afford the Sport, maybe Plastidip my front grille black for the Sport look (haven't decided yet, feedback?), and add the K&N 77 series cold air intake for some extra mpgs and the more aggressive sound. If I am leaving out any of the critical mods, please let me know. Otherwise, I have to say am enjoying being a first-time Ford owner and look forward to being an active member of the forum. Cheers!

aka: tacoman1287
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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