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Greetings to all here,,,
Been owning and working on them Fords for some time. Have owned 4 Rangers,,repaired them and re-sold to buy others. Just can't seem to get one I really like. Thinking now that an Explorer may be what I want. I just bought a 2002 Explorer that the dude said it busted a heater hose and engine ran hot as Wife was trying to get home before it quit on her. She told him the engine "locked up" and so the owner just posted it for sale. The interior is exceptionally clean and outside is same. Has 4 brand new tires with a recent tune up.Turns out engine was NOT locked up but I'm pretty sure the timing belt or chain has either jumped or broke as engine spins like a top and compression is ZERO on the 5 cylinders I could get the tool into to run compression,,,,also,,some water on the 3 cylinders on Driver side. RATZZZzzz!!!!
As I said this Explorer is a 2002 4.0 auto with 4X4 and 150,000 miles. Numbers on the tag by radiator are 4.02FMXRO160BBE also 2FMXTO4.02F8.

I also have a 1996 Explorer with a bad transmission and a very good 4.0 engine and also 4X4 that I would like to swap the engine into the 2002 if at all possible.. The numbers on the 1996 Explorer are 4.0L TFM1120AYMED and TFFM4.028GKFK-TWC(2)
also on the tag are F6AE-9C485 PTA.
Hopefully some of you have already done such a swap and might help me do mine. Many thanks up front,,,and I appreciate any and all help.
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