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Good morning all, I recently purchased a one owner 2012 Explorer XLT with the 3.5L. Vehicle is in good shape, and a Carfax showed all but one issue had been fixed (toe links- now fixed).
My wife had complained about the power steering showing an error on the display and not working while in a parking lot twice, but I had never experienced the issue until a few weeks ago when driving at 70mph along a mountain highway here in NW Montana.... steering fault code, steering completely shut down, and thankfully I was the only car on the road at that time because I was in the opposite lane headed for a huge drop when I got stopped. Shutting the engine off and restarting cleared the error and I was able to steer again, but damn that was sketchy!
Called Ford, they said they had a known issue with those, and to get it to a dealer to fix it. Dealer tells me they would normally fix it under 15N01, but the vehicle has over 150k miles (Montana car... Costco is a 150 mile trip).
I purchased the vehicle with over 150k on it, and it showed the steering recall/safety bulletin deal "fixed" (because in 2016 the original owner had the computer flashed at the dealer and apparently that let them marked it repaired), otherwise I would not have bought it.
I have researched this and find that it is a clearly known problem that Ford has acknowledged with the steering gears themselves requiring the rack to be replaced, but they are refusing to repair a vehicle that damn near killed me and is clearly unsafe for anyone to drive. I was advised on the phone that I could file a complaint against the dealer for not fixing it (because this is their fault Ford told them it wasn't covered right?) or simply sell the car if I was unhappy... basically let someone else potentially get killed!
Any thoughts on what I can do to get them to actually fix this? I am not only out the money for the vehicle, but the dealer wants another $1900 in parts plus a ton of labor hours to fix it, which will total more than half the value of the vehicle, and the parts are the same FoMoCo parts that are currently failing in it now!
Any help is appreciated!
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