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A couple of years ago I bought a 1978 17' Chris Craft runabout. It's a rare boats (Only 20 were ever made with this trim package...) Butm it's in pretty good shape and I managed to clean it up, get it running and splash it a few times with my Jeep (which has front wheel drive only...)

So, I started to look for something that would get me off the ramp. (the boat and trailer combo, is nearly 3500#)

Found an ad on Craigslist, that was nearby, for a 2001 Ford Explorer "Sport" - 2 door - 4.6L - 4 wheel drive... 64,000 miles, $2300...!
So, I get the Car Fax and sure enough, the description was true!

Apparently, the original owner was a retiree who bought himself an SUV for his retirement, moved to a breach town and for seven years, only drove it back and forth to the beach and the local store... Then he sold it to his nephew with only 12,000 miles on it... Turns out (I got this from the guy I bought it from...) The Nephew, had it for a year, he got married and started a new family, but the Sport, with only two doors, was impractical, so, it sat in his garage (still on the shore) for another nine years... That is, until he heard that a kid in the next town from me was getting ready to go to college (three towns over) and could use a good car to go back and forth to school with... So, the kid bought it, and used it to go back and forth to school for a couple of years... until the pandemic hit, Then the car sat in his driveway for another two years... So, he decided to sell it on Craigslist, where I found it... with 63,000 on it... Now, I can pull the boat off the ramp and I bought a vintage 17 foot camper too, (Also 3,800 pounds...)

That was March 2021, and so far, I have put more mileage on it that any of the past owners have in any year they owned it...

It seems like a great car and because the kid replaced the stock radio with an AVH2800 Bluetooth DVD receiver in it it is as modern as it needs to be...
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