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Recently picked up a '16 Sport 3.5 TT. I previously had same motor in 2019 F150 and used 5-Star Tunes. I have already installed CAI and 93 Perf tune, nothing else yet. Any suggestions on what else to attack? 3-bar MAP sensor needed? I have a 160 degree thermostat on the way from Livernois. Planning on replacing coils and spark plugs.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am just getting my feet wet with the Explorer world!
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I did replace map sensor and had them send me tunes to be able to run with that sensor (dont think anything changes in power) their tunes only run 12psi max with premium, 93.

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Make sure you peal off sticker on intercooler blocking 1/3 of it. Atleast they had them on 2014 and 15.

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Just ordered performance coils and plugs... hopefully this will fix my issue with the 5-Star tune. I appreciate the info!
Update: Replaced stock coils and plugs with the performance replacements and the tune from 5-Star is golden now!

I did buy the 3-bar MAP sensor and was told it was not needed. So, I have a new in box sensor FOR SALE for $100 (PM for any details)
Having same popping issue again with anything over hard acceleration (above 3k RPM)... What gap is everyone running on their plugs? I gapped mine to 28 with the tune from 5-star.
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