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new winter tires with larger diameter

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Hi There,

I was hoping somebody could help me with new winter tires for my Explorer Sport 2014.
Currently I have 255 50 R20 factory rims and rubber.

I just purchased 18 inch steel rims and new tires 265 60 R18 Michelin x ice 2

When I compare diameter of old and new wheel / tire package the difference is 0.5 inch - 1.57% higher.

Can this damage my transfer case or 4WD system on my explorer because the diameter of the tires is little different?

Thank you for your help
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Mount it up, I have the same set up in my Explorer and this is my 2nd winter with the setup.

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Your winter set is actually 1.6% larger, car will sit 0.2 in higher.

You should have went with narrower tires for better traction and strait line tracking in slush and soft snow.

235 65 18 would get you the best performance in the snow.
In the future, do not go any wider then 245 for snow.

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