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I have a 2009 Eddie Bauer Explorer with a basic stereo system and Sync. No Navigation/GPS. My last phone was a Samsung S9 and I really struggled to get it to connect. I am not sure what I did different but after multiple attempts it finally connected and worked. If my memory is correct someone gave me a tip on how to connect because of the old generation Sync system and my newer phone. Fast forward. I have a new Galaxy s32 5G phone and no matter what I try it will not connect. My phone sees the Sync Blue Tooth but it does not recognize what system it is. (last time I connected it identified it as Sync) Now my phone only sees what appears to be a device digital name and tells me it will display the name once I connect. It shows it as device 2C:B4:3A:0C:A5:0B. When I try to initiate a connection from the Sync system by pressing the phone button on my radio is displays "connecting" for about 30-45 seconds and the nothing. It goes back to the normal display. If I try to list any devices it shows no devices connected. I suspect there is a compatibility issue with versions of Bluetooth and the old version of Sync from 2009. Has anyone come up with a work around to get the phone to connect?
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