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Old wrench turner with 2002 Explorer:


Old Timer (70) here BUT still I am still turning the wrenches on my cars.

I started out at 14 with a Motor Scooter Paper Route in North Las Vegas on a Honda 50…at 16 I changed to a car after a couple of car/scooter wreaks and got a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Which began my life long life of fixing and changing anything I did not like or felt the car needed.

Just a few years ago I was doing my thing with a 2000 Mercury Grand marques and a 1993 Chevy van. I lost both engines, and with the Mercury it is being replaced with a 2003 Crown Vic, the van I plan on replacing the engine with a TPI engine, and if that works as planed adding an old Borg Warner over drive behind the auto in the belief I will get great MPGs.

And out of left field I get a 2002 Explorer 2 wheel, 4.0 V6.

My 03 Crown Vic is envious, 5 speed auto and independent rear end and projector like high beam headlights. And lots of other stuff like an overhead console, bucket seats with a center console (the only missing thing if the shifter in it…) Puddle lights on the mirrors, better mirrors, a dash cluster with a Tach, (I build in a 98 Mustang cluster in the Mercury..will move it to the Vic, later)

All in all the Explorer is a very nice SUV which after I replace the A/C compressor and replace the condenser, receiver dryer and orifice tube and flush it out, will have nice A/C and the silly thing even has rear sear A/C vents…All things I want for my Vic…

I am thinking this little SUV will fit in-between my BIG Chevy Van for LONG road trips and my Crown Vic as my street hot rod.

I am even thinking I may like it over both.

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