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2002 Ford Explorer XLS, 2WD, 4.0 V6 SOHC, Vin E
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Hello, thanks in advance for any help I can get.
I have a 2002 Explorer XLS, 2WD - 4.0 V6 SOHC.
I am replacing my Liftgate glass trim / applique' but there is a black rubber molding / mask / gasket between the liftgate glass and trim applique' (see images). This old one is damaged as you can see in the images but it can be removed and replaced.
I just don't know what it is called. Every search just brings me to the trim / applique no matter what I describe this black rubber piece as.. frustrating. I already have a nice new trim / applique', pre-painted and color code matched ready to install, but this little beat up rubber part will not allow that to happen in it's condition, I need a new one.

P.S.- The liftgate glass section is stuck shut and I do not care about that. Never used it, never will. Not necessary to open liftgate glass section in order to replace this rubber piece.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated. Please see the following 3 images
(open image in new tab if text on image is too small in this post);

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