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Has anyone had issues with pre-collision assist not working as designed? Here are a couple of scenarios:
1. Made a turn around a corner and the pre-collision warning lights come up with no cars parked in the street, nor any other obstacles. Daytime no direct sunlight shining into sensor.
2. Tested with my other car parked in the street, no direct sunlight. Drove up pretty quickly behind the parked car and no warning lights, at all. This is the most common scenario I have tested. Also, just everyday driving (not that I tailgate or drive recklessly) but I do sort of feel out the distance on when the warning light would engage and it never does.
3. When the warning light does come up, there is no rhyme or reason. If anything, I would expect it to come on a lot more than usual since I have it as the highest sensitivity.

Thanks everyone.

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Man, mine goes apesh!t. If a car in front of me obscures a car turning right, when the right-turner becomes more visible, the system has a fit. Your pre-collision may be inadvertently turned off.
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