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Radio station changing !

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On my 2011 Explorer, the radio station randomly changes stations by it's self. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me.
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A re you sure that the radio isn't in scan mode..The only time I noticed it in my 2015 Sport is when I'm listening to AM and it jumps to the next station when in HD mode and you loose the station when away from the city...
Radio station change.

My radio randomly goes into the scan mode and picks out a different channel at random. Not even any in my presets. Some days it won't do it, and other days it will do it several times a trip. Ford said there is nothing they can find wrong, so it isn't happening or I am doing something to it.
Yes, this is a common issue with these cars, happened to me so I stopped listening to the radio.

It will change stations when you turn the steering wheel in either listen to the radio whil driving in a straight line as the skip function for aome reason gets activated when the steering wheel is turned.

I haven't yet seen a repair for this, I almost wanted to disable it off my steering wheel but I need that button to skip through tracks on my playlist.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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