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Good evening to all, I'm new in this forum, so please excuse me if this has been already answered... I'm having the following issue. My rear camera stopped working by giving a black display with a message indicating to contact the dealer. The dealer told me that the problem was the camera and that it had to be replaced (for $800). I first replace the camera by myself with a new one (EB5Z-19G490-A) that gave also the same black screen and message, when I replace it again with a recommended BB5Z-19G490-A camera I was able to get an image in my display, but upside down. So not sure if it is the same problem, but I have now two issues: 1) upside down image, and 2) no "guide lines".... When trying to configure/calibrate it, it stops at 8% and gives a B115E:08-48 error code. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed to fix both issues?
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