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Replacing Front Struts 2013 Ford Explorer

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I have a 2013 Ford Explorer Base that was manufactured 9/2012. The front left strut is making a noise when the wheel turns and is most audible when moving slow. All of the struts I'm finding online say they are specific for Explorers manufactured before 9/4/2012 or after 9/4/2012. The only date I can find is 9/2012 and doesn't specify the day.

1. How do you find the day an explorer was manufactured?

2. Do you have any suggested online after market sources for parts that provides reliable quality at an inexpensive price?

3. Are there any online sources that I should stay away from completely?

4. Advice? I am learning as I go. Changed my breaks recently, but this will be new for me.

If you can provide any history or information that may be helpful I would greatly appreciate it!
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As far as I know you can't tell the exact day it was manufactured. I've used AutoAnything in the past for brakes and other parts. Seemed to have really good deals. See if you can find a physical difference in the parts then see what yours has.
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