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So, rebuilt a friends 92 V6 XLT... 127k mi. Sat garaged for 8yrs.

Drives good. Its had a rough irregular idle, and I notice the misfire situation at all RPMs. Checked for all possible vacuume leaks, replaced plugs, wires and coil packs. Replaced fuel pump, PCV valve, fresh gas with Seafoam injector cleaner. Aside from swapping out the fuel filter next, im at a loss. Would this be the cause? Was considering the capacitor at the coil pack as well, but read it only prevents radio interference and has no other function.

I took it to see if it might pass smog anyways, the guy did a pre-reading at idle and said the hydrocarbons were high and to address this issue first before an official test... so no additional emissions reading to go off at this time. When I swapped the plugs which had run recently for about 80 miles, they were clean with a yellow tinge.

Im looking to rule out full injectors or exhaust valve seating issues. Being all the plugs are the same, it doesn't seen to be an individual cylinder issue. Any ideas guys?

Thank you in advance!


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