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Hello Everyone ! I am sad to say goodbye after a short lived time with our 2015 Explorer Limited. We have loved our Explorer but after months of trips to the dealership Ford was unable to stop exhaust fumes from entering the cabin. The local service department and dealership was awesome in trying to fix the problem, but after moving the rear AC intake, seam sealing everywhere, new exhaust tips and who knows what else we still were getting headaches and feeling sick to our stomach(s) when driving. We were directed to contact customer relations at Ford. At first they reviewed our case and denied our request to buy back our vehicle. Approximately two weeks later they contacted us and said after review they were going to buy back our vehicle. We are grateful that Ford stepped up and did the right thing. I have seen online that Ford has agreed to a class action settlement for owners of 2011-2015 Explorers that have this ongoing problem. We are grateful we did not have to wait until all of the details of the settlement are worked out and owners are notified. It is strange how not every Explorer has this issue, but our service rep said ours was one of the worst they had seen. Hopefully it is only a few vehicles affected, but from what I have seen online there are others across the country who have the same issue. Best of luck to everyone out there. I hope you have a vehicle that is free from this issue ! Safe travels !!
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